Graham’s Logs Achieve Woodsure Quality Certification

After months of painstaking work ensuring business processes reach the required high standards, we are delighted to announce that Graham’s Logs has achieved Woodsure Quality Certification.

Graham’s Logs is one of the earliest companies to achieve this internationally recognised standard in the UK.  Months of painstaking work ensuring business processes and standards demonstrate competency, successful production and delivery of  wood fuel products compliant with the Woodsure standards.

The Woodsure Quality Certification applies to all lengths of:

  • Woodsure Firewood : Force dried hardwood, 20%
  • Woodsure Firewood : Force dried softwood, 20%
  • Kindling
  • Woodchip

What are the benefits for me, the consumer?

Read here what it means for you the customer.

Graham’s Logs achieved “Ready to Burn” status in November 2020 ahead of the legislation The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020  which meant that every supplier of logs in quantities of 2m³ must be labelled “Ready to Burn”.

Becoming an accredited Woodsure assured quality woodfuel supplier demonstrates our commitment as a supplier of the very highest woodfuel.

About Woodsure

Woodsure is a not-for-profit organisation, striving to raise the quality of woodfuel in the industry. The Woodsure certification scheme and its logo shows woodfuel users the suppliers and products that they can trust.
The team have extensive experience in the woodfuel industry and constantly evolve to keep pace with this rapidly developing sector.

What do we do?
The Woodsure Certification scheme comprehensively checks woodfuel producers to ensure that they produce and supply woodfuel to the correct standard.

In order to avoid sub-standard fuel and the problems it causes, Woodsure Certification tests the products to EN and Önorm standards for woodfuel quality, which are the requirements that boiler manufacturers and installers specify their customers to use.

What does this mean for customers?
Customers purchasing from a Woodsure certified producer can be assured that the producer has been checked and tested, and have demonstrated they are able to produce and supply a quality product. The Woodsure logo enables consumers to easily identify whether fuel is of an appropriate standard for their boiler systems.

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