Shildon’s Restored Chauldron Waggon

We were delighted to be asked to supply timber for this local restoration project recently and we think the finished chauldron waggon looks fantastic. We supplied precision sawn timber, oak and some ash for this ambitious project to restore the waggon which is now residing proudly, back on it’s plinth in Cheapside, Shildon. The project undertaken by Shildon-based Engineering consultant, Racebourne Ltd on behalf of Durham County Council sees a part of Shildon’s proud railway heritage restored ..using timber from our depot in West Auckland.

The project forms part of the greater range of projects in place for the Stockton and Darlington Railway’s 200th anniversary in 2025.

The chaldron, or chauldron was used as the measure for coal from the 13th century, measuring by volume being much more practical than weighing low-value, high-bulk commodities like coal. ref: Wikipedia, read more here.

Full details of the project can be read here.


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