How To Store Your Logs

And keep them in premium condition.

Storing Logs

Storing logs to keep them in premium condition for burning is something we care deeply about. At our depot in Bishop Auckland, logs are seasoned and then kiln dried to achieve the optimum burning condition for each and every log.

Logs are cut to approximately 25cm/9″ and then split in order to increase the surface area. This helps the logs in the drying process.  It also gives the customer a consistent size and shaped log for burning.

We achieve this with a consistency of cut and size which to suit all of our customers.

Under Cover

Your logs should be under cover and off the ground. The sides of your log store should be open to ensure good air flow around the logs.

Cut to Length

We will cut your logs to the required length.  If you have a smaller log-burner let us known when you order your logs. We will ensure that the logs you receive will fit into the fire box of your burner.


“Grahams Logs are best…

… best for open fires,

best for log burners,

best for chimineas & outdoor heating,

best for biomass boilers,

and best for finest sawn hardwood!”

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